Konnichiwa 今日は

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Friday, February 12th, marks exactly 1 month since I touched down at Narita Airport. Having recently resigned from my job, given up the lease on my apartment, I somehow managed to pack my entire life in two large (very overweight) suitcases, a backpack, and a duffle bag.

The 14-hour time difference, the 4-hour layover in Alaska (due to a medical emergency, the 2-hour train ride into Shibuya, and the 1-hour I spent looking for my AirBnB (which was only a 5 minute walk from the Metro station) made this the longest trip I had taken thus far.

By the time I went to bed at 1:00 a.m on Wednesday, January 13th, I was exhausted! But I was excited. I had done it!

Flash back to almost 10 months ago, when I decided to seriously pursue my dream of working overseas. Have you ever had that one thing that keeps you awake at night? Where the idea of not pursuing it, will make you ask yourself, “What if?” or the fear that you will one day ask yourself “why didn’t I?”. That was me. Working internationally had always a goal of mine, and one of the reasons that I decided to specialize in International Business/International Trade & Development when doing my MBA.

I had a brief internship working in Trieste, Italy, as part of the MBA program, and then came back to Canada. In restrospect, perhaps at that particular point in time, the timing wasn’t right. That was in 2011. Fast-forward to 2014, working in a marketing role that I enjoyed (well most aspects), but not really feeling fullfilled (for the aforementioned reasons), I decided that 2o15 HAD to be the year.

Applying, for jobs while I was in Canada was proving to be futile, so I figured that moving somewhere first would be the best step. I needed to take that first step, and teaching english, business english specifically, would be a great stepping stone. The learning and networking opportunities seemed really great. So I took at teaching course, applied for the first business english teaching job that I saw (and wanted), and was contacted right away.The rest is history.

So here I am. Now that we have the introductions out of the way…Let’s get started! の違い


4 thoughts on “Konnichiwa 今日は

  1. And there you are!! From the thought, to the application, you put it out in the Universe and it came into Fruition!!
    So proud and in Awe of your steps, and I cannot wait to see where this 1st chapter of your New book leads you!!
    xoxo – M.

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  2. Your adventure is a unique kind of University. You learn a lot of skills; adaptation in a new environment, learning a new language and culture, a totally new culinary experience, an amazing work ethic etc. Of course you are brave, that is why you have been successful. Good luck.

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