Hisashiburi (Long time no see)

Konnichiwa! I hope that you had a great summer and are still enjoying a warm fall. It has been a few months I know. During my short hiatus from blogging, I was enjoying summer, working a lot (summer was relatively busy) and getting to know Tokyo better. My first summer in Tokyo can be described in one word…hot!

I wasn’t prepared for the heatwave, although coming from a place where the weather is cool for at least half the year, I am certainly not complaining. I understand why organizations switch to the cool biz wardrobe of the summer, because quite frankly who would want to wear a tie and a suit in 37 degrees Celcius?

Even in the hot weather, there is a lot to do in the summer in Tokyo, with everyone trying to take advantage of the longer days and warm weather, especially in the evening when it has cooled down. Each weekend, there are street festivals, fireworks, outdoor exhibitions and stand-up bars.

While I opted to delay my summer vacation, and work, which happened to be the busiest season, “make hey while the sun shines right”?

Also, summer means many tourists, and I was happy to see some new and familiar faces from Canada. It’s amazing how quickly I have progressed from asking for directions, to giving people suggestions of places to go and play tour guide.


The end of summer, brought typhoons, which resulted in me cancelling two trips, one to the beach area of Miyake-jima and a climb to Mt. Fuji. I am sure that there will be other opportunities. ;-). For now back into the routine…and writing more regularly.

As always…ご読了ありがとございました~ – go dokuryou arigatogozaimashita – Thank you for reading to the end! 🙂


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