Thinking Outside of the Box..

Is precisely what Visit Korea did at the Korean Experience Traditional Cultural Center at Incheon Airport. While en route to Thailand, I had a brief layover in Seoul. I was walking towards my gate, trying to figure out what I was going to do during the three hour wait of my connecting flight, when I was distracted  by a procession of Korean men and women dressed in beautiful traditional costumes.  Like every other traveler, I quickly scrambled to take a picture, if anything just to capture the sheer randomness of the moment.

After researching later, I found out that this procession is actually the “Walk of the Royal Family”. The “Royal Family” are actors and actresses dressed up as  royalty during the Joseon Dynasty. They did look very regal, as they walked through the duty-free area. They paused long enough to allow visitors to take photos of the princess, the Queen, the King and the royal performers.

After taking pictures, I was delighted to discover that there was also a workshop within the same area, where visitors could make jewelry boxes out of hanji (traditional Korean paper). I could not resist, and immediately joined the short line of travelers waiting to participate. The entire process took approximately 30 minutes, and was a fun and relaxing way to unwind.

Having worked in destination marketing in a past life, I have to say that this campaign was very creative and well executed. While, I was only mildly curious about visiting Korea before, this small taste made me want to learn more, and definitely consider  it as a future travel destination. I imagine that a number of visitors that pass through Incheon Airport feel the same way. Sometimes it really does pay to think outside of the box.


Have you ever been exposed to a travel destination that you hadn’t considered before? Please comment below.  As always…ご読了ありがとございました~ – go dokuryou arigatogozaimashita – Thank you for reading to the end! 🙂


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